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Residential Roofing Services

No matter the roof issue, we are here to help!

Offering metal or shingle roofing repairs, as well as full metal removal and installation services.

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Areas We Serve

We can set your roofing style to your specifications!

We are backed by top quality manufacturers and the best materials in the business.

Our experienced roofing experts will give suggestions and help you decide on a beautiful design for your roofing.

We are always quick to respond and offer prompt emergency repair service!

man installing metal sheet roof siding
black metal roofing with worker drilling in it

Metal Roof Installation

We will come out and evaluate your roofing, and give you a free estimate to schedule your metal roof installation. Then we’ll install your beautiful new metal roof, so you can rest peacefully knowing that you are protected!

drilling in red roof

Metal Roof Repair

If you happen to experience the unfortunate event of roof issues, don’t fret! Blue Beaver Roofing is here to get your repair done quickly and properly so you can get back to your daily life!


Shingle Roof Repair

Were your shingles damaged in a storm, or maybe blown off altogether? We will make it our priority to get out to you and evaluate your situation and offer rapid repair to make sure you have no more issues with your roof after we leave!

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